Pocket Camera Project

For a project in my Intro to Media Arts class, I was assigned to capture two digital images that are connected thematically in at least one way (color, contrast, lines, shapes, etc.) using my cell phone camera or the smallest, simplest digital camera I can find (point & shoot).  Then I was to take it into a photo editor and adjust them to make them more similar.

I was recently at Riverbend Hospital in Eugene, Oregon.  My fiancé and I were visiting a family member and dear friend who is passing away in ICU.  I went outside to take a breath and walked across to a small park area with some statues.  Emotions were high and I felt the need to try and capture something positive out of the situation.  With this thought in mind I used the atmosphere and setting to take some photos with my phone.  I shot the photos using the cast shadows to block my eyes from the sun while using this to capture the silhouette of the sculptures.  I feel that one almost represents an angel of sorts, only fitting for the present time.

During editing, I darkened them both by lowering the exposure.  By doing so, I was attempting to make the sky seem a darker blue and the cast shadows more prominent.  I also cropped one and adjusted the saturation and clarity.  My goal was to dehumanize the features and define the outline of the statues.  I felt it complimented the situation and it appeared that “someone” was watching over our dear friend in the hospital.






About crimsonreign

I am 37 years young. I am currently enrolled at Lane Community College which is located in Eugene, Oregon. I went back to school to further my education and learn a variety of skills. I believe being multi-disciplined can lead to more career opportunities so I am aiming towards an AA in multimedia design. I created my wordpress profile as an assignment for my Intro to Media Arts class. I will list various blogs related to the class. I have recently began delving into the world of photography and I will share some pictures I have taken in the near future. Audio/Video is an area of interest that I hope to learn more and become involved in.
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