Finding the Grid

Grid Structures






For my Intro to Media Arts class, I was assigned to find 4 examples of grid design in layouts. The examples were 1 web design, 1 newspaper page, 1 print publication, and 1 broken grid design (a design that doesn’t follow a formal grid structure or steps outside it).  Then I was asked to figure out the type of design used and make sketches to show your interpretation.

For the web design, I chose the website.  It was fairly simple in their design layout.  It appears that they used a modular type (smaller horizontal/vertical sized “boxes”) as I tried to demonstrate this on my sketches.

For the print publication, I chose the table of contents from the May 2013 issue of Men’s Health.  For this grid, I feel they used a combination of modular and hierarchical (sorting items in relative of importance within a design).

For the newspaper page, I chose a page from the Eugene Weekly.  This design used a simple 3-column layout, which you can clearly see in the example.

For the broken grid design, I chose an advertisement of Adidas shoes.  I feel this design used a 2-column layout, however some of the elements were different than your normal 2-column design.  As you can see, the text and image bleed off the page, yet still holds true to the focal point of the image, working fairly well.

I tried to choose grid designs that were fairly simple to recognize.  Therefore I didn’t have any difficulty in the process and sketch examples.  It was an interesting assignment that allowed me to view different layouts with a keener eye.


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