Advertisment Layout Analysis

Design elements and principles

Ad 1 – Ben & Jerry’s Frozen Yogurt

Focal Point

The principle of emphasis, or focal point, which had caught my eye, was the scene taking place within the ad.  They placed several miniature objects together to center your attention to what is coming out from the “spilt” container of B & J.  With this, and the text underneath, it tells a story of how if the Trojan Horse had been made of B & J ingredients, there would never have been that war.


They make productive use of negative white space within the top portion of the ad.  By doing so, it allows your eye to view the scene without the distraction of looking beyond the focal point.  It plays a very complimentary tone to softness of ice cream and the atmosphere.


The scene in the ad provides us with a 3D type of depth and dimension by showing the contents spilling from the container and farm countryside within.  This texture adds to the picture by allowing us to wonder into the world inside of the container, providing us with a sense of mood and emotion of happiness and joy with each ingredient.



Ad 2 – Axe Shower Gel

Focal Point

The center of visual interest, or CVI, that I had recognized when viewing the ad was the clothing that was spread throughout the bathroom floor, leading your eye to the shower.  These visuals allow the viewer to use her/her imagination to the on-goings within.  The sexual tone and text underneath convey a sense of mood, while expressing: “SHOWER LIKE A HERO”.


The disparity, or contrast, in tones, objects within, and background work well together.  The bathroom floor is tiled with a combination of gray and browns, while the clothing spread throughout is white (a space-suit), and red (her dress and undergarments).  The porcelain of the bathtub combined with the blue of the shower curtain stand-out amongst the back, which can lead your eye to this.  The front portion of the ad has a dark shaded tone and leads back to a brighter atmosphere within the bathroom.


The layout of the design has very unified type of objects that allow you to understand what is happening.  The clothes of both people, even at a closer look, show the gloves of his clothes wrapped around the clothes of hers.  This, along with the cohesiveness of the shower scene, complete the visual message behind the ad.  It gives you a sense of confidence, pride, and possibility at sexual conquer.


Both ads taken from Mens Health May 2013


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