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I came across “The Still Image with Crash Taylor” site and was immediately captivated by some of the photography spread throughout.  Like its introduction says: “A site created by Crash Taylor to inspire, motivate, educate and encourage your creative image-making process”, lives up to that.

At the top of the site, there are categories of photos to view, various workshops available, links to other work, archives of past photos, and more information about Crash Taylor and the his accomplishments.

After browsing through, I enjoyed the darker, yet vivid images that had my full attention.  As you scroll down, you will see various photos and styles with the Photographers name and a link to their own sites.  With the pictures that are shared, they list the location that the photo was taken, the camera type and lens used, and the lighting type for each.  Also included are the creative process and post-production for each photo.

If you are a fan of all types of photography, I recommend you step into the Still Image with Crash Taylor.



About crimsonreign

I am 37 years young. I am currently enrolled at Lane Community College which is located in Eugene, Oregon. I went back to school to further my education and learn a variety of skills. I believe being multi-disciplined can lead to more career opportunities so I am aiming towards an AA in multimedia design. I created my wordpress profile as an assignment for my Intro to Media Arts class. I will list various blogs related to the class. I have recently began delving into the world of photography and I will share some pictures I have taken in the near future. Audio/Video is an area of interest that I hope to learn more and become involved in.
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